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Our highly qualified team bets on using leading techniques, as well as on having an attentive attitude towards our patients, in order to provide you with the finest prosthesis.

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Calle Azahar (Azahar street) 4.
28020 Madrid

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+34 917332080

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We are specialist in:


Dental Implants


Dental Prostheses


Splints for Bruxism

Dentalmad welcomes you

At the forefront of technology: Design and 3D printing of dental prostheses.

Your dental prosthesis on the spot.

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What does our clinic offer?


Dental implants offer: 599€

  • Price of the finished dental implant.
  • 3x2 promotion in implants available.
  • Professional teeth cleaning for free.
  • Study of dental implants for free (valued at 250€).
  • Free fillings for treatments of 3 or more implants.
  • An iPhone 5/ or an Android tablet as a present for a budget of over 9.000€.

3D Diagnosis / CAT Scan

Dentalmad has the latest in 3D technology in osseous diagnosis for implantology treatments and other pathologies. With this technology, failure in this procedure is reduced by 99,9%, and so this helps to make an accurate diagnosis.
  • It offers the possibility of obtaining a much more exact and detailed diagnosis.
  • Examination with an intra-oral camera for free.
  • 3D scan for free.
  • Tridimensional vision of the dento-maxillary structures.
  • Leading-edge technology.

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