Dental Tourism in Spain

The process of Dental Tourism is very simple and it consist of five steps:

  1. Contact us and specify the type of problem you have:

Tip: It is recommended (not compulsory) to send a panoramic radiography, a digital radiography or a tomography, plus the diagnosis of your local dentist in addition to the description of the dental problem, in order to know the estimated cost and the duration of the dental treatment.

  1. Our stomatologists will analyse your case and we will send you our response with the cost of your dental treatment in Madrid within 3 working days. In addition, we will indicate the estimated budget of your stay in the city, meals and transportation. We will also indicate you the estimated budget of a translation service, excursions and leisure if needed.

This way, you will be able to calculate, in the comfort of your own home, the economical quantity you could save on your dental treatment in Madrid.

  1. After realizing that Dental Tourism in Madrid is really advantageous for you, contact us again to specify the dates in which you would like to make your dental trip, so we can book the hotel and schedule your visits to the dentist. In addition, we will help you to look for a low cost airline that is suitable for your budget. However, if you buy the plane ticket yourself, do not forget to inform us about your arrival information, so our representative can pick you up from the airport.
  2. Our representative will wait for you on the airport or train station the day of your arrival, and will take you to your hotel or your apartment for free. If desired, you can visit the dental clinic that same day or the following. The dentist will examine you and will schedule your visits.

Our company will take charge of your rides from the hotel to the clinic and vice versa, so you do not have to spend money on taxis or public transportation.

Most of the dental procedures need several visits to the dental clinic, but you will have lots of free time available between them. This is why, taking into account your personal preferences and your schedule, we could organise cultural trips to museums and other tourist sites for you. You will also have the chance to visit local markets and shopping centers, go to restaurants or to the cinema.

If desired, you could also enjoy different activities, from playing golf to attend nightclubs. Ladies could also attend cosmetology clinics and SPA salons in Madrid (all these activities at an affordable price).

There are historical tours (wine tasting included) available that include routs through medieval cities, such as Toledo and Segovia, and also visits to the Madrid of the Austrians. These visits do not leave anybody indifferent! (know more about leisure in Madrid)

  1. The day you return home, after your dental treatment has been finished, our representative will take you to the airport or train station by car.

We guarantee you that your dental trip to Madrid with Dentalmad will be a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

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